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God’s gift of land and water. Humans are born with nothing. Adam’s children and grandchildren are only mandated to care for and cultivate them as caliphs. The main task is to prosper it. It is strictly forbidden to damage and misuse it.

Some people make land and water seem sacred. That’s the type of mythical mind, writes C.A. van Peursen. For those who are functionally pragmatic, land and water become objects of money, business, and endless exploitation.

Sometimes paradoxical. Land and water that are slightly sacred, vast and vital assets are being sold cheaply. A small group of people ruled it in abundance. Many people do not get a share, they are just spectators of a collection of magnificent buildings.

For farmers, a lump of land and water is the fate of life. They even become petty, whose life is entangled in problems. When it’s hard no one cares, except at democratic parties when their voice is needed by populism hunters. After that it was forgotten.
In big cities, most of the nation’s children are landless and homeless. Nomadic life in the modern era. Let alone an inch of land, even to get a mouthful of rice is very difficult. Being able to survive is something extraordinary.

Land and water are the main capital for the birth of the homeland. The place where countries and nations are born, grow, and develop. The homeland is no longer just a physical element, but is alive, said Mr. Soepomo. Building is not enough physically, it must include the soul. Because no matter how grand a physical building is, one day it will eventually rot.
The homeland of Indonesia has a main source of value. According to Soekarno, “philosophische grondslag” or “Weltanschauung”. That is “fundamentals, philosophy, the deepest thoughts, souls, deepest desires for the building of an independent Indonesia which is eternal and eternal. “.

I hope that all citizens and the nation’s elite live and live this homeland based on the main values ​​of Pancasila. Pancasila in real policies and actions, not jargon and rhetorical luxury.

When the functional-pragmatic mindset strengthens, hopefully there are still state actors who appreciate the existence of the homeland. As a living unit with a soul for mutual prosperity.
If the homeland is cared for properly and with trust, it will certainly become a glorious country. Like the hope in the lyrics of Mother Earth’s song: “I see the motherland / We have come to worship / Look at your sons and daughters / Make our mothers happy / Our mothers are still in love / Your faithful son / Take care of the inheritance / For the homeland and nation.

Homeland do not have bad luck because of mismanagement. Just built a physical body without a soul. Moreover, exploited for all the legacy. Like the sad lyrics of the first stanza of Mother Earth’s song: I saw the motherland/I was in trouble/Tears filled with tears/I remember the diamonds/Mountains of rice fields in the ocean/Store of wealth/Now my mother is in pain/Moaning and praying.

Don’t make Mother Earth sad because her homeland is drained of all desires to be proud. The homeland has its owner, He is the Khaliq. Humans are only entrusted to prosper it and cannot destroy it. Hatta in the name of building, in fact destroys (Surah Al-Baqarah: 11). The country has been built luxuriously, misguided, the fruit is sorrow and disaster.

Every human being is not worthy of humiliation. As a servant before His power. Today we are mighty, tomorrow we do not know the fate of an instant. As the Lord warned: “And no one can know (with certainty) what he will do tomorrow. And no one can know on which earth he will die. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing.” (Surah Luqman: 34). La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah!


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