Congratulations on the establishment of the Muhammadiyah Campuss in Victoria Australia

UMT gives scholarships Up to S1 for Students who Memorize 30 Juz PTWQ Graduates Who will Study on Campuss

Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Dr. H. Ahmad Amarullah was present with the General Chairman of the Central Executive of the Islamic Union KH. Aceng Zakaria, Chairman of PW PERSIS Banten H. CR. Nurdin., Chairman of PD PERSIS Tangerang City Budiman SE., Director of PTWQ PERSIS Tangerang Arif Husni Majid. M.Pd., Chairman of PD PERSISTRI Tangerang City H. Ani Mulyani at the graduation ceremony for 3 students of 30 juz Tahfiz Wadil Quran (PTWQ) Islamic Association (PERSIS) Tangerang.

The event was held in the hall of Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang, Sunday (14/3/2022).

In his speech, Ahmad Amrullah congratulated the 220 students who today have been able to achieve the achievement of memorizing the Qur’an as much as 30 juz. This is the most noble achievement you have striven for and it is not easy to reach that position.

Because of his achievements, I appreciate and provide free scholarship facilities to students who graduate from PTWQ who memorize 30 juz of the Qur’an who want to continue studying at UMT.

“I give free scholarships until you have a bachelor’s degree, please register at UMT,” said the Chancellor of UMT.

While holding back tears, Ahmad Amrullah conveyed his pride in being in the midst of the students who memorized the 30 juz of the Qur’an.

He agrees with what has been conveyed by the Chairman of PD PERSIS Tangerang City, Ustadz Budiman, who will have a tahfiz program for mothers.

“This is an extraordinary innovation and needs to be answered by our actions to realize the program. The reason is that these mothers will later give birth to our children,” said Ahmad Amrullah.

He considered that if his mother had read the Qur’an since her pregnancy, God willing, children would be born who love the Qur’an.

He further explained that his party is currently also making a tahfiz program for students and giving rewards to students who memorized the Qur’an 1 juz there was a 20% tuition discount, and those who memorized 3 juz in 1 semester were free of tuition. If the memorization continues for 8 semesters, God willing, there will be even greater rewards.

“This is the way we think so that students love the Qur’an,” he said.

In front of the PP PERSIS Ketum and other invitees, Ahmad Amrullah explained that his party is currently building a UMT Boarding School in Sukabumi which covers an area of 3.8 hectares.

“In the future, this facility will be able to accommodate the younger generations in Sukabumi and cadres from Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah throughout Indonesia to learn Islamic religious knowledge and memorize the Qur’an,” he explained.

Currently, UMT also has a boarding school program that is intended for students. We make everything free, this is to prepare cadres who master the science of Islam. By exploring the knowledge of the Qur’an through special coaching in the dormitory.

“It is possible that the PTWQ students who memorized 30 juz will later study at UMT will also get this facility,” said Ahmad Amrullah.

“Hopefully the synergy between UMT and PTWQ PERSIS Tangerang will continue,” concluded UMT Chancellor Dr. Ahmed Amrullah.

Appreciate the PP PERSIS Ketum who is very productive in writing books. Thank you for dedicating some books to me.

At the end of the event the Chancellor of UMT gave books to the invitees who attended and vice versa Ketum PP PERSIS KH. Aceng Zakaria gave a book of his works to Ahmad Amrullah.


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