Congratulations on the establishment of the Muhammadiyah Campuss in Victoria Australia

Alhamdulillah, tsumma alhamdulillah

All praise due to Allah, through Whose blessing and mercy has permitted us to obtain a Certificate of School Registration from the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA) for Muhammadiyah Australia College’s (MAC) on Tuesday, the twenty first of December, 2021.

This monumental achievement is the culmination of countless hours of work, toil, and is only possible because of the contribution of many people, from multiple countries and time zones.

Firstly, and most especially, we would like to acknowledge and express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to the Central Committee (Pimpinan Pusat) of Muhammadiyah under the leadership of Prof. Haedar Nashir and Mr. Dahlan Rais. Their professional support, trust, and guidance were critical to the success of this project and we would not have achieved this without their assistance. We are also thankful to the entire Muhammadiyah organization for their financial assistance and philosophical support and guidance in realizing this goal. May Allah generously reward you for your critical contribution to the success of this project.

Secondly, we would like to express our thanks to the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah (PCIM/PCIA) in Australia for the hard work and support provided to the Executive Team. We were able to meet the appropriate standards and requirements of the VRQA to register Muhammadiyah Australia College for its inaugural academic year only because of your support on the ground. To Ustadz Hamim Jufri, Ms. Anita Saijah, Mr. Teuka Nanta Seutia, Mr. Wahyu Wardono, Ms. Rini Susanti, Mr Alfinur Halim, Mr. Muhamad Abduh, and Dr. Mahabub Alam; may Allah grace you with reward for your important contribution to this success.

There are many others who have made significant contributions which cannot be mentioned by name as there are so many. We want to thank you and ask Allah, God the Almighty, to reward you for your effort in this story. Your help will always be remembered and our thanks are eternal.

This is not the end of the journey for MAC. This is merely the beginning of more hard work. With your blessing, we will strive to continue this journey and realize our collective dream to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in which Islamic values and modern Australian Education are integrated and delivered in a safe, supportive, inclusive, and peaceful environment.

Please continue to support and pray for us as we continue this journey,

May Allah bless and guide us in all affairs – always.

Muhammed Edwars
MAC Principal


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